Next on Fundii Recordings: “Aerophone EP”

Coming up next on Fundii Recordings: Aerophone EP, by Cristiano Campos. Originally released back in 2010 by Tranzmitter Netlabel; Aerophone EP is the very first release by Cristiano Campos which got out by a record label. The record was also produced back in 2010 and the reason it got rereleased (and remastered) now by Fundii Recordings as the producer himself explains: “I’ve always believed in the potential of this record but I was never satisfied with the original mastering it received back when it was released…It just didn’t do it justice so I’ve tried to salvage what I could from the actual album and do some polishing in the tracks so here I present with the actual results!”

Release date scheduled for March 4th, 2016. Aerophone EP is a 6 track EP and the tracklist includes remixes by the Brazilian producers Bmind and Richard Savani. Bmind remixes “Aleatório”, on a 13 minute long psychedelic interpretation and Richard Savani gives his own take on “Shades” producing a groovy-techy house oriented remix. 2 versions of “Aleatório” produced by Cristiano Campos entitled “First Mix” and “Cristiano’s Deep Revision” are also included in the record as well as “Shades (Original Mix)” and “Aerophone (Original Mix)” itself. The whole record is there…and sounding great!


Next on Fundii Recordings: “Black Mask EP”

Coming up next on Fundii Recordings: Black Mask EP, by Cristiano Campos. Yes, there’ll finally be an original release by our label’s founder and director. Release date is scheduled to be February 1st, 2016. The record is a mix between Deep House and Deep Techno music genres yet maintaining dubby echoes all around. If it’s either House or Techno oriented we leave you to decide.

Black Mask is a 4 track EP and the tracklist includes 2 versions of “Black Mask” (being the Original Mix as the very first track and the one he calls “Stripped Mix”, supposed to be an “Intro Mix” version of the tune but ends up being the 4th track on the record), 2nd track titled “Unforgettable Memories” (Original Mix), which of them all has the housiest of vibes and 3rd tune is “Plastic Bar Stool” (Original Mix).

Says the artist himself that the record has the current title because he had pictured in his mind a sexy woman wearing a black masquerade…fetish or not as for the record…it is sure to please. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here’s a sample of the release for you to enjoy and anticipate!

2016 Kicks in: Fundii Recordings is back!

Welcome dear friends, fans, followers and supporters all around the world. This is Cristiano Campos, our Fundii Recordings’ director. I am here to say that we are (proudly) back in music town. Yes…after 2 rough years and a major setback that delayed us but fortunately haven’t stopped our will from moving forward I hereby announce that we are definitely back in business, this time to surely stay!

What a great year it’ll be. 2016 holds many surprises for all of us, indeed. So many releases to be made, so many new artists to join our team and help spread good music around. So many new fans and ears to meet…and hopefully so much to enjoy! New marketing plans and distribution strategies are being put to play right away in order to make sure that we’re gonna make it to victory, and we count with your kind support to get going!

We’re just so happy to have comeback alive from the avalanche that hit us that I’ve decided to put together a compilation to be released this January 20th, 2016. Containing all of the tracks from our previous releases and more! Yes, there’ll be some great remixes for this celebrated release.

We’re really sorry for what have happened in the past but we’re also very happy to see that our artists are still with us, and that you dear follower is here to see us write new history. A new phase for our record label is beginning and with pride we’ll march forward. Always forward and above…